Will crime rise this summer?

In recent decades it has been debated whether crime rates increase because of summer and all the things that come with it. The warm weather, high profile events, alcohol, and masses of footfall. Though it’s difficult to prove these are linked for definite, numerous studies over time show that summer has the highest crime rates. Ultimately, putting businesses at more risk of theft, damage, trespassing and many more offences.

These issues are not just isolated to summer, as there have been instances where heatwaves have been linked to spikes in violent crimes and burglaries. According to the BBCBetween April 2010 and June 2018, violent crime was 14% higher on average when the temperature was above 20C than when it was below 10C. There is a chance this figure will be higher in the years to come due to the impacts Covid had on socialisation in groups; people will now look to make up for time lost in isolation.

In a recent poll, we found that anti-social behaviour is the main reason for implementing Adhoc security, and it’s also one of the main forms of crime discussed when focusing on the impacts of summer. Supporting this, scientists have speculated that heat can trigger a physiological response causing anger and impatience. When your concerns are at their highest, adhoc security can help keep you safe until the risks are lessened.

Our advice to keeping your premises safe from crime

– Carry out a comprehensive security audit to identify and mitigate risks

– Implement electrical security or ensure any existing technology is maintained E.g., CCTV, intruder alarms

– Ensure your site’s perimeter is secure by checking any fencing, gates, barriers, or entry points

– Speak to your security provider to see what support they can offer. If you do not have security arranged, we’re more than happy to help.

– Reach out to our sales team regarding INTEX247, our community safety and support app, providing insight on local disturbances to keep businesses safe

Our advice keeping your people safe from terrorism

Crime is not the only worry businesses face, terrorism is also an essential consideration when it comes to people’s safety. With the combination of lifted covid restrictions and warm weather, footfall is at its optimum; this, unfortunately, presents an opportunity for terrorism to take place. Here are some ways to protect your team from terrorism:

– Inform your workforce of the ACT Report function, where they can report any suspicious activity

– Encourage staff to carry out the 45-minute ACT awareness e-learning course, covering vital information on preventing terrorism.

– Carry out our 12 housekeeping practises for protecting your workplace from terrorism

– Utilised manned guarding to act as a visible deterrent, reducing the likelihood of an attack

Keeping your guard up in the winter

Though it’s important to consider the above, it’s just as important that your organisation does not become complacent in the winter. Despite the lack of people outside, many can become more desperate, increasing the rate of crimes like burglary in many areas across the UK. As mentioned above, a detailed security audit can help you understand what measures would protect you best from the given risks.

Want to increase your resilience and reduce the cost of incidents this summer? Contact our sales team today to discuss your requirements.