Emergency Vehicles Services – from July 2019

In July 2019, Expeditious was approached about an extremely urgent requirement for support during a large fire incident at a retail complex. As well as crisis management throughout the incident being critical, the complex housed major high street brands who needed assets securing. An emergency response was needed to control an extremely challenging and potentially life-threatening situation.

Fast facts

Number of locations covered: 1
Number of  weekly hours: 1008
Number of officers deployed: 18

Scope of services

Our client’s challenges

Our client came to us with an emergency requirement for support during a major fire incident at a large shopping centre in North East London. Approximately 150 firefighters battled a blaze that destroyed more than half of the shopping centre’s roof and first floor of the two-storey complex. Our client required us to support and secure the assets of a well-known major high street brand located within the complex., CCHD promptly organised a dedicated central command point, crisis management and live reporting. This helped to facilitate command and control of the ground operations team that kept our client fully appraised of any developments whilst the emergency services focused on controlling the fire and public safety.

Our action plan

Based on the client’s requirements, Expeditious put into place:

  • An Incident Operator providing live reports of the area, client business assets and their team.
  • A security team of 6 officers strategically placed throughout the site.
  • A humanitarian system providing a comfortable, safe environment for our operations team.
  • Mobile Command Unit (MCU) providing a centralised point for all emergency teams to coordinate the operation and response.
  • Live streaming of video links into the MCU from local CCTV and emergency responses.

What we achieved

Expeditious responded rapidly and placed security teams alongside all necessary equipment within 2 hours of enquiry. Our support lasted for a total of 7 days, giving our client a stable and reliable hub for all emergency response operations, providing the tools and reassurance needed to plan effective business continuity.

Our team of officers on the ground provided the client with clear communication with a wider knowledge of the incident for a more informed and reliable response. They were also able to provide dedicated support to our client’s team at a difficult and distressing time.

Expeditious’ reactive handling of this major incident has empowered our client to make the best-informed decisions, which could have otherwise resulted in a subsequent loss of significant asset value. This is a great example of Expeditious Services deploying effective viable support to our clients using speed, tenacity and reassurance to resolve.

What the client had to say

“Expeditious Services have provided us with great updates. I was very impressed with what was achieved and how it was implemented. I can’t honestly say I’ve seen it before and the help was imperative to my decision making.” – Real Estate Director, Major High Street Brand

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