Reactive & Adhoc Services – from April 2018

In April 2018, Expeditious were approached by an existing facilities management client to support a nationwide telecommunications portfolio. The telecoms portfolio had recently outsourced their security requirements as a cost-cutting exercise. Our FM client was facing an increase in demand for security support, requiring a high number of service hours across sites all over the country, at short notice.

Fast facts

Number of locations covered: 200
Number of  weekly hours: 1800
Number of officers deployed: 60

Scope of services

Our client’s challenges

Our client came to us with a need to provide security contract support for 200 sites located throughout the UK. They were faced with the challenge of covering their mass security vacancies at all sites across the country. Our client also required support with providing a help desk, planned holiday & sickness, and reactive delivery of the project. All with short-notice on contract takeover.

Our action plan

After full mobilisation and activation, Expeditious Services provided the client with:

  • UK wide asset collection
  • Supervisor attendance at all 200 sites
  • 54 vacancies filled and transitioned at zero cost
  • 400 reactive jobs filled per week
  • Helpdesk and control room support using our Critical Control Helpdesk
  • Setting up site files inline with the new operational infrastructure, e.g. assignment instructions, risk assessment & other documentation
  • Supported the whole change of ethics on-site in line with the transition of services, managing the changes for the operational team and stakeholders.

What we achieved

Expeditious succeeded in the smooth transition and mobilisation on activation of our client’s requirements. The success of this completion of initial takeover and transitional time has led to Expeditious providing long-term ongoing steady security operations.

Expeditious also:

  • Increased efficiency with relief staff employed locally to each site
  • Singular project management and invoicing structure saving on administrative time and costs
  • Cost reduction through efficient project management and deploying the most effective services
  • Management support, control, and reliability increasing overall security services performance
  • Consistently high service delivery across all 200 sites, reinforcing the client’s reputation

What the client had to say

“The support from Expeditious services has been pivotal during the mobilisation of this project, in fact, I don’t know how we would have managed it without them”  Global Account Director.

You can find more information about our Reactive Services on our website.