When would canine security be used?

Canine security, or dog security, is a specialist type of security used for only niche circumstances. These include:

  • Large sites
  • Situations with a high threat to the security officer
  • Complex properties
  • Human or animal intruders
  • Where security officer team might be significantly out-numbered and it’d be too costly to deploy a proportionate number of officers

What are the benefits of using canine security over manned guarding?

  • Advantage of heightened senses within a canine for perception of threats
  • An immediate intimating presence and deterrent
  • Powerful at safely disabling intruders
  • Greater agility, especially adapting to obstacles
  • Elevate an officer’s confidence, especially on challenging sites
  • Loyal, safe, highly motivated, results driven
  • Can more efficiently cover more ground.

What do you need to check with a security provider before deploying canines?

Before engaging with a security company to arrange canine security, it is always best to conduct due diligence first:

  • Check they have the necessary accreditations and qualifications. There is no official governing body for canine security, so it is incredibly important to check the company has proper credentials to prove they are properly trained and safe to use the animals.

We are an associated company with NASDU (National Association for Security Dog Owners), and each of our specially trained dog handlers and their dogs have a license as a pair. An officer can only deploy the dog there are licensed to use – not borrow another animal.

  • Check the officer also has the necessary security accreditations and an SIA security officer license. Both are needed for complete compliance.
  • For officer, client and public safety, the correct vehicles need to be used to transport the animals. It is important to check the canines will be deployed using a specially adapted vehicle and the animals have necessary welfare for their wellbeing.

If you’re reviewing your security services and require canine security, feel free to contact us.

You can read more about how Expeditious Services deploy canine security in our case study HERE.