All there is to know about VIP protection.

When would close protection security be used?

Close protection security is used to protect people of importance who may be recognised by the public and therefore are at higher risk. Having close protection minimises threats and means hostile situations can be diffused if they were to occur. Examples of who may use close protection include:

  • Royal family
  • Celebrities
  • Members of Parliament (MPs)
  • The extremely wealthy
  • Families of those mentioned
  • Anyone needing additional protection during a high-risk situation

What are the benefits of using close protection security?

  • Reduces threat of attacks or harm
  • Rapid response to changing risks
  • Prevents life-threatening scenarios
  • Provides peace of mind
  • Protects any possessions
  • Helps disperse crowds
  • The expertise of skilled and professional staff
  • Support at any risk level
  • Freedom to roam in public

What do you need to check with a security provider before deploying close protection security?

Before engaging with a security company to arrange close protection security, it is always best to conduct due diligence first:


  • Check the guards have an SIA Close Protection license, proving that they can work in the private security industry as a bodyguard or close protection officer. This ensures have met requirements like having a first-aid certificate and a criminal record check.


  • Check that the company and close protection officers understand at least the basic laws that must be considered in the role such as the Road Traffic Act 1988 or those around reasonable force and criminal harassment. This is important to ensure you get the best service possible.

Expeditious Services have British Standards 8507 (close protection) accreditation, and all our close protection officers have the appropriate SIA licensing. They are fully trained to ensure they can handle high-pressure situations and properly protect anyone of high risk.

If you’re reviewing your security services and require close protection, feel free to contact us.

You can read more about how Expeditious Services provide close protection in our case study HERE.