What is an insourced security contract? 

The insourced security model empowers businesses to bring all security management in-house, looking after their own security strategy and teams. Many believe bringing their security provision in-house is unfeasible, but this does not need to be the case. We’ve developed a tried-and-tested insourcing model to help businesses like yours bring security services in-house and into your control, with continual expert support. 

Insourcing can be a fantastic way to gain full control over your security workforce and save money on management costs whilst doing so. Bringing your team in-house helps avoid the dangers of sub to sub-contracting, corruption, and modern slavery, as you will always have familiar faces on site. 

What kind of business is insourcing best for? 

Insourcing your security can be a daunting thought, so your company should have some knowledge of how security works, whether this is from working with a previous security service provider (SSP) or having professionals in your team. Aside from this, there is no set criteria to qualify for insourced security. Though it’s vital there’s a resilient infrastructure in place to fulfil the contract effectively. 

Bringing in a sizable security team to a smaller business may not be realistic as there must be a team in place to manage the security provision. Outsourcing is likely to be the best match for the business when a suitable management team cannot be gathered. 

How does this compare to outsourcing? 

Insourcing and outsourcing have many differences, and your own circumstances largely impact which is best for you and your establishment. However, there are numerous benefits to insourcing over outsourcing that are often missed due to the assumption that insourcing is unfeasible. Some benefits include: 

– More cost-effective than paying an SSP

– More control over Labour costs

– Assignment instructions and KPIs can be made quicker

– More knowledge of who is in your workforce

– You control compliance and legislation

What makes our insourced security different? 

Our security contracts are supported by a great amount of technology, knowledge, and expertise. We put a lot of time and effort into delivering insourced security, carefully assessing various areas, including costs, performance, and opportunities for efficiencies. This ensures we can give you the best fit level of security. To maintain this standard throughout the contract, KPIs will be put in place and monitored regularly. 

Following the transition, you may or may not receive support from your chosen security consultancy or SSP. When using Expeditious, you’re provided with ongoing support, including regular monthly communication for assistance and ongoing employee welfare support. You also continuously benefit from the resilient infrastructure implemented early on using our subject matter expert support. 

Does Insourced security sound right for you? Contact us to find out how we can increase your operational resilience.