What is an outsourced security contract?

The outsourced security model transitions an entire security provision to an external provider, with them handling each aspect of the security contract. This includes training, payroll, project management, recruitment, service delivery, compliance, and much more. The business would hire the service provider to fulfil all their security requirements from their own portfolio of services and pool of security officers.

There are several advantages to outsourced security, including the peace of mind given by a provider’s accreditations and the delivery of established infrastructure. Though there are cons such as a lack of control over the team and a lack of consistency when changing service providers.

How do we mobilise outsourced security contracts?

We created our tried and tested 90-day onboarding and mobilisation model by optimising our technology, clear processes, and contingency plans. This covers everything from confirming service provisions to monitoring statistics and management information, in just 4 carefully planned stages.

  1. Pre-mobilisation stage (Days 0-30)
  2. Mobilisation stage (Days 30-60)
  3. Going live (Days 60-90)
  4. Aftercare (Days 90+)

What kind of business is outsourced security best for?

Long term, outsourced security is best for businesses with little to no security expertise, as all security is managed by the service provider. Outsourced security will also offer greater flexibility in the services available for a client to use. Many businesses may not have enough members in their workforce to efficiently manage their own security, which is where outsourcing is beneficial.

Outsourcing can be associated with a lack of control; however, with the right service provider, suitable businesses can benefit from the services and will see more success than if they were to manage their own security provisions.

What makes our outsourced security distinctive from other companies?

Added value

Throughout a security contract, our clients benefit from various areas of added value. These examples help put our client’s minds at ease, making their security run as smooth and efficient as possible.

 24/7/365 Helpdesk

– Predictive crime tools

– Workforce management & employee wellbeing tools

Recruitment processes

We have our own pool of talented security professionals, streamlining your recruitment processes and ensuring you have officers when you are ready for them. Also, our screening and vetting is accredited to BS7858, giving you peace of mind that issues like modern slavery are avoided.

Training and testing 

After being recruited, our security officers undertake a thorough training program. Initially, they must complete our internal Expeditious Annual Training & Testing (EATT), which covers health & safety, environmental and customer care. We also ensure that regular toolbox talks are carried out to refresh our officers’ skills.

Contract management style

Our unique contract management model challenges the traditional expectations of an outsourced security contract, using technology and innovation to deliver you a better quality of service. Our forward-thinking contract management model focuses on efficiency, saving you time and money throughout the duration of your outsourced security contract.

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