In March 2021, Expeditious Services we approached by a long-term leading telecoms client. They were needing assistance on a known trouble site South-East of London, providing protection whilst multi-departments (engineers, council) carried out works on site. The location of the works was next to a high-risk large static unauthorised encampment.

Fast facts

Number of locations: 1

Number of officers: 2

Number of canines: 2

Scope of services

Manned guarding

Canine services


Intermediary liaison

Our client’s challenges.

A telecoms client who we had worked with on multiple sites before came to us with the need for canine services supported by manned guarding. One of their sites in South-East London required maintenance work conducting on the mast, which was located adjacent to a large high-risk unauthorised encampment. The client had previously placed bollards at both ends of the lane the mast is on to prevent fly-tipping, which acts as a small deterrent.

It was felt necessary to deploy dog handlers to prevent anyone apart from authorised personnel from accessing the site during the repairs, due to the multi-departmental nature of the works and size of the encampment. Expeditious Services had previously covered this site before with a close protection officer, however, after a consultation, it was decided on this occasion the potential risk of damage and injury was increased and so canines were the most appropriate solution.

Our action plan.

Based on the client’s requirements, Expeditious put into place:

  • Two dog handlers and canines. Both officers had to have SIA licence and NASDU level 2 minimum, and dogs both fully vaccinated and microchipped.
  • The site was covered from 08.00-15.30 for ten days
  • Full Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD) account management and integrity checks throughout
  • Act as intermediary liaison between the client and other parties for smooth deployment and management.

What we achieved.

As a team, Expeditious achieved:

  • Rapid response to mobilise the contract after thorough accreditation and licence due diligence
  • Protection of telecoms repairs was successful throughout works, with officers were standing down after repairs on the site were complete
  • Cost-effective and impactful response to client’s concerns. Canine services were a stronger deterrent and more impactful than any amount of manned guarding, due to the size of the encampment. Whilst officers are trained to de-escalate situations, the dogs provided additional power should the need have arisen.

What Expeditious said.

“This was an extremely successful mobilisation on a known challenging site. Our officers and their canines were extremely effective in conducting their duties. Their presence throughout the repairs what enough of a deterrent no further action was needed after the maintenance was complete. This is an excellent example of what Expeditious does best and the teams involved should be very proud.” Jason Pope, Service Excellence Director.