What are security consultancy services?

Security consultancy services involve a third party assessing risks towards businesses people, facilities, and assets, using various methods such as site visits and threat assessments. Following assessments, the consultancy company or security service provider will give advice on increasing your safety. Security consultancy is not limited to just physical audits, but can also include policy writing, compliance checks, on-demand support and much more.

Why would you use a security consultancy?

Though security is an essential consideration in any business, small or large, many lack an individual or team with security expertise. Without sufficient knowledge, there are many areas of threats that can be left undetected, along with several compliance issues. Having a consultancy provider by your side combats this and also increases your resilience in the event of unexpected incidents.

Using a third-party security consultancy is also likely to be more cost-effective than employing a full-time consultant in-house, especially if your need for security is minimal. Using a consultancy company ensures that you only pay for what you need, whilst gaining the most holistic view of your infrastructure.

Things to look for in a security consultancy

When putting your trust in a business to advise on your security infrastructure, you must conduct due diligence to find a credible and competent company. A business’s accreditations can be a good indication of their capabilities. As a minimum, all security providers should be SIA ACS audited with proof available on request.

We have all the relevant accreditations based on our services and many more. The details of our accreditations can be found HERE.

The benefits of security consultant services

Every part of your organisation has the potential to become a security risk, and consultancy services help manage this. After the events of Covid-19, we have all seen that the unexpected can happen, and having robust security measures in place helps maintain your operational resilience. Here are some benefits you receive from security consultancy services:

–       Reduction in long term costs due to fewer incidents

–       Reassurance of full compliance

–       A better understanding of your security provision

–       The best-fit solution within budget

–       A raw and unbiased perspective

–       Cost savings over employing a consultant

How our consultancy services are different.

Here at Expeditious Services, we have Security Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with extensive experience in the military, police, and some of the world’s biggest security companies. Collectively, our team have over 100 years of experience in security, so you can be sure our support and advice will bring your operations up to the top standards.

Our range of innovative technology gives us access to cutting edge data analysis, to support your decision making. This involves the likes of our 24/7 control room, our workforce management app, Eximitas and our business protection app, INTEX247. These technologies help us provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive advice possible.

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