Following the devastating events unfolding in Ukraine at the moment, now could be the right time to review your security services.

Not only the UK but anyone with links to Russia and Ukraine have been impacted in countless ways, meaning we’re presented with new vulnerabilities and issues to manage. The security industry is no exception, and businesses with security in place will also need to make changes. Below are some ways security may be impacted by the Ukraine invasions.

  1. Cost of living protests

The UK’s high dependency on Russia for various commodities including crude oils, industrial metals, and food products, has caused the cost of living to skyrocket. This has caused massive uproar amongst the UK’s people, as many are feeling the pressures of increased energy costs and day to day expenses. The upset has led to organised protests around the nation, and with people taking to the streets, there are new risks for businesses to evaluate.

Businesses local to these protests may require increased security measures for several reasons, whether it be due to potential damage to property, violent action or to control ingress and egress of their site. Though this social unrest may not persist, it currently presents significant problems that must be managed effectively.

  1. Businesses facing a financial collapse

Due to the disruption to international trade and payment, many businesses in the UK have to look to different avenues to bring in sufficient revenue. UK exports to Russia are worth approximately £4.3bn each year, meaning restrictions are putting extreme stress on certain companies around the country.

Reductions in sales mean that these businesses’ security services may no longer meet their budget requirements. To combat this, it would be beneficial for organisations to use technological innovation in order to down-man on labour heavy sites. Those outsourcing their security could also see cost savings by considering a blended security approach.

  1. Staff shortages in security

As the pressure piles up on businesses due to increased risks, more security officers are needed in various sectors; however, there is a shortage of those with the right licenses who want to work. Due to the history of zero-hour contracts in the security industry, many have changed areas of work to help cope with the increased cost of living. This is if they have not already due to the reduction in hours through the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Direct threat of invasion

As the UK and our international partners continue to offer economic, humanitarian, and defensive support to Ukraine, some worry about our safety from Russia’s threats to those standing with Ukraine. Though the possibility of violence towards the UK does not appear to be a worry, businesses with national infrastructures can never be too sure.

This opens the discussion as to whether companies should increase their level of protection. Whether it’s technical services, extra manning or vehicle services, further support could go a long way to preventing this matter and any other unexpected incidents.

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