The success of the mobilisation stage of an outsourced security contract sets the tone for the rest of the working relationship. Expeditious Services makes the transition of your security provision – from your incumbent to us – as seamless as possible, using technological innovation, clear processes, procedures, and quality control, with contingency plans for any hurdles.

Our tried and tested 90-day onboarding and mobilisation model covers everything from confirming service provisions to monitoring statistics and management information, giving you the reassurance you need for contract success.

Our unique contract management model shakes up the traditional expectations of an outsourced security contract. Using a variety of technology and innovation, we’re able to deliver you a better quality of service, better contract support, and resilience, whilst also improving employee wellbeing and reducing our collective impact on the environment. Its focus is on efficiency, saving you time and money throughout the mobilisation stage and throughout the full duration of your outsourced security contract.

1) Pre-mobilisation stage (Days 0-30)

In the pre-mobilisation stage of your contract transition, the focus is on preparing for service takeover. Once you’ve decided to work with Expeditious Services, the incumbent is given as much notice as possible. This can be one of the most problematic stages of a contract takeover, as you can never predict the actions of the present security service provider. We support you in giving notice, whilst creating resilience to prepare for a worst-case scenario.

Once your service provisions are confirmed, we will assess your current resource levels to identify any needs for changes. As well as this, the start dates of our services are confirmed, and we assign a  project team to manage your contract.

2)Mobilisation stage (Days 30-60)

In the mobilisation stage, all processes and procedures are arranged in preparation for the transition. Here’s where the transfer of employment (TUPE) process begins, with Jason Pope, our Service Excellence Director, leading workforce briefing meetings with new employees. Ready for the start date, we recruit to fill any labour gaps in your team.

At this point, your current level of services is carefully reviewed using insights from gap analyses, Exit KPI’s, site surveys and risk assessments to bring things up to Expeditious standards. Working with Expeditious services, you will benefit from our in-house Subject Matter Expert (SME), Gavin McGuiness. Gavin takes care of analysing security trends, team training, technological innovation and ensuring your team are working to best practice.

3)Going live (Days 60-90)

’Going live’ is the official start of your security contract transition from the agreed start date. Your security officers receive their uniforms, pins, and rosters before their first shifts with us, so they’re ready to start their first shifts working under Expeditious Services.

All information about your sites and team members is loaded into our Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD) and Eximitas systems. CCHD is our 24/7/365 manned control room, responsible for leading our security operations, customer service and contract management. Eximitas is our workforce management and employee engagement app, supporting easy shift management, clear communication and health and wellbeing resources.

From this point in the mobilisation, our Client Management Team are the lead point of contact for both you and officers. They implement training programs, scheduling problems, management of security officers and client services. You will have frequent and varied touchpoints, including weekly chats with the Customer Success Coordinator dedicated to your account. Our Service Excellence Director and Customer Success Coordinators will spot-check sites and carry out unplanned integrity checks to get an honest view of the workforce and sites. This helps us to be proactive and spot opportunities and resolve issues before they escalate, instead of the more reactive approach common in traditional contract management.

4) Aftercare (Days 90+)

Following successful contract mobilisation, we move into the fourth stage, ‘Aftercare’. Your security provision is now fully transitioned to Expeditious Services, and we want to maintain excellent standards from here, until the end of our contract. This includes regularly reviewing KPIs to ensure they are being met, hosting monthly meetings with our Client Management team to discuss the progress and success of the contract.

Statistics and management information are carefully reported and monitored to highlight any problem areas. If problems occur, our communication schedule could increase and reviews more frequent to help resolve these issues.

All employees transferred to us under TUPE will become eligible for our employee incentives after their first month, in their first payslip. We also ensure officers are developing in their roles with our Expeditious Annual Testing & Training (EATT). As its name suggests, this is an annually renewed training program covering topics such as health & safety, environmental and customer care.

If your security is due for renewal, Contact us to see how we can transform your security, and help you protect your future.