As all covid restrictions were lifted on February 24th, 2022, the security industry has been affected in various ways. Restrictions such as social distancing, isolation and business closures will no longer take place. This changes the dynamic of the security industry, leaving behind the way we’ve operated over the last 2 years of the pandemic. Here are some relevant changes.

Events and gatherings

Throughout the pandemic, events and gatherings were often minimised or sometimes banned altogether. This means there has been a lower risk of incidents and also terrorism. There is now more manned guarding needed for high profile events that have been on hold for some time. This can include events in licensed venues or even outdoor festivals. Aside from events, there is also a higher footfall in most public areas, introducing more threats to local businesses. This may call for increased security measures to protect property, assets, workers, and the public.

New business

As the pandemic comes to an end, most businesses that survived have re-opened after initially being closed due to Covid. This includes stores, offices, and sites nationwide that may be particularly vulnerable as their workforces return. Not only does this include established businesses, but there are also new companies opening every day that need to manage their risk effectively. This opens new opportunities for security providers, as there are new risks to be considered due to high crime rates and highly populated environments.

Reduced measures

Covid-19 caused us to bring in several measures which no longer need to serve the same purpose. For example, we’ve been using temperature sensor cameras to detect symptoms in those entering a workplace. In addition, we also use density monitoring cameras to manage social distancing in buildings to protect staff and visitors. These were most relevant when infections were at their peak; however, we can now focus on our other areas of service or look towards putting this technology to new uses.

Open travel

One of the main precautions taken during lockdown has been the restriction of travel, whether that be abroad or within the UK. Now that we can travel freely, there is a much greater need for security in areas like airports and train stations. This helps us broaden our client base and reach industries that have had a reduced need for security since pre-covid times. As well as this, the wide range of sites opening means more jobs are being created in the security industry.


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