The days of traditional “man in a van” mobile security patrols to protect premises are a thing of the past. Manned guarding in this form offers little to no management and delivers no added value to you, or welfare to the officer. Whilst on shift, opportunities are vastly missed for additional responsibilities to be completed and information to be gathered, making poor use of an officers’ idle time. Often the limited welfare provided to an officer leaves sites unattended and at risk, as basic amenities are often overlooked by security providers.

More effective use of a vehicle and officer on-premises can support the minimisation of crime rates and long-term reductions in costs.

Presenting Expeditious Services’ Mobile Command Unit division.

Our Mobile Command Units (MCUs) are fully equipped, camera-driven, intelligence-gathering, resilient, welfare vehicles. They are premium business protection and security assets, especially when partnered with an expert officer. MCUs excel at communication, command, and control over every-day operations, data collection, incident handling and emergency management. It’s complete capabilities and welfare facilities provide an officer with a secure place of work, with no need to leave the vehicle unless necessary.

How Mobile Command Vehicles can improve your security strategy:

1) Threat & intelligence.

Our Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD) is a powerful asset which sits behind our MCU fleet. CCHD is the central hub of Expeditious Services operations, overseeing account management, incident management and escalation. One of its key functions is the gathering, processing, and analysing of all threat and intelligence data received, providing the team with valuable information for proactive security operations. CCHD also provides an extra pair of eyes on any camera footage, as well as back-up surveillance if an officer needs to take a welfare break or leave the vehicle for any other reason.

The regular presence of an MCU allows our officers and CCHD team to both build strong relationships with the local community. By promoting security collaboration and proactive support (e.g. with other local businesses), the MCU and our team of officers can gather a wealth of hugely advantageous and relevant intelligence, furthering the ability to effectively plan and prepare.

2) Collaborative business protection.

Our community crime application, INTEX247, is a proactive risk management tool. Users of the app report incidents against a stress level, which sends notifications to other users in a geofenced area within that community. All reports are displayed on a map, allowing users to be fully aware of crimes, business interruptions and other risks which may impact business continuity. On reporting an incident, the app has a direct line to our CCHD team, who can offer verbal support and guidance, short-term surveillance or deploy reactive services.

Working with local and national authorities, INTEX247 pools information from third party sources, e.g. road traffic, adverse weather, emergency services, council information and utilities into a newsfeed. This presents a comprehensive wealth of information to users, keeping them fully informed and allowing them to make the best decisions towards the risks and threats to their business and community.

Our mobile command vehicles are supported by INTEX247 from the pooling of information and gathering of intelligence to strengthen pro-active security, manage resources, and reduce costs. Discover more about INTEX247’s full capabilities on the INTEX247 website.

3) Risk to resource.

Using our ‘Risk to Resource’ R2R model, we more efficiently and effectively manage resources. Following intelligence-gathering on-site as well as through CCHD and INTEX247, we deploy only the best-fit services when they are needed. This significantly reduces the amount of idle and unutilised officer time on the ground, ensuring their duties are more impactful and they take pro-active action to protect businesses instead of reactive. Ultimately this leads to long-term reductions in cost.

4) Kit & equipment.

The kit and equipment housed in the security vehicles are expertly curated to deliver exceptional results, provide sufficient welfare to support an officer on a 12-hour shift and keep even a lone-worker safe on remote sites overnight.

As well as the technology listed above, the MCUs are fit with full facilities for completing a long-shift without having to leave, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras and operating platform, static camera, Network Video Recorder (NVR), desktop computers, motion detector, night-vision and a secured on-board network.

In addition to this, all officers are provided with a body camera in case they do leave the vehicle to attend to an incident. The footage of this can be accessed from any device via a secure network, e.g. CCHD at Expeditious Services HQ.

5) Training & development.

All Expeditious Services officers are expertly trained before deployment, as standard, and to a level above industry minimum requirements. Additional training given to an MCU operator and controller includes:

  • SIA
  • CCTV licensed (PSS course)
  • First aid at work
  • Door supervisor
  • Retail security training (SCONE)
  • Driver safety training
  • Gold incident command
  • Other more role and sector-specific training can be given where appropriate.

6) Loss prevention.

Any losses or costs of crime are a considerable responsibility, which falls onto an individual business, organisations, or property managers.

By analysing the data received from on the ground officers, CCHD and INTEX247, we are consistently aware of trends and fluctuations, best positioning us with the knowledge to take proactive mitigative action preventing loss and reducing the threat.

Whilst Expeditious Services’ MCUs role is to protect the external “bricks and mortar” of businesses rather than internal incidents, we are on-hand to support in-store security guards and police forces where required. Any intelligence and analytics gathered which may indicate trends in crime, and internal threats, or bear witness to an incident, will be fed to the relevant parties for effective management.

7) Long term crime reduction & cost savings.

Our Mobile Command Unit is the ultimate asset for any large unit, business park, or site. It is optimally equipped to deliver expert surveillance, intelligence gathering and premium proactive business protection. Regular deployment of an MCU on-site leads to more efficient use of resources, a better understanding of local crime trends, reduced incidents, and long-term cost-savings.

Given its full range of facilities and capabilities, as well as the scenarios in which it can be deployed, the possibilities for supporting businesses are endless.

For more information about our fleet of security vehicles and how they support your security, please contact our sales team HERE.