Throughout times of adversity, technology finds pioneering ways to keep people and premises safe; and this is certainly true for the current Corona Virus Pandemic. Across the security industry, we’re seeing uses for enterprising equipment and innovative infrastructure become the everyday as we merge into a “new normal”.

Aiming to keep your business premises a COVID-19 free environment whilst lockdown is being lifted, and beyond is an extremely important part of resilient business operations, helping you avoid unnecessary losses or closures. Here are just a few of the ways Expeditious technology can help keep your business protected and your team safe:

Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD)

Our Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD) is our in-house 24/7/365 operations management system, acting as a central point for all your queries. As well as dealing with problems, it can be effectively used to manage shifts, manage guards, and reactively respond to incidents as they occur, often without the need for human presence. Pro-actively controlling the number of guards on-site at once and the times they may cross-paths helps to safeguard against COVID spreading.

Remote monitoring

Now is the ideal time to be thinking about increasing your monitoring accuracy using remote monitoring, either in part or completely. Using our Critical Control Helpdesk combined with CCTV to observe your premises, you can reduce costs on having a physical presence whilst reducing your COVID risk increasing health and safety to your business. Limiting the number of different people on-site significantly reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

Temperature sensor cameras

Installing temperature sensors cameras on key entry points is a hugely effective way to manage the health and well-being of people entering your premises. These non-contact thermal imaging cameras scan the internal temperature of all personnel, converting this into a precise measurement. It can be hugely beneficial to catch the potential of someone having the virus before symptoms are shown and prevent the risk of it being spread to other members of the team or visitors.

Density monitoring cameras

Density monitor cameras enhance premises social distancing and COVID safety by tracking numbers of people in and out of a building, as well as their proximity to each other. Keeping a regulation 2 meter distance from people on-site reinforces other safeguarding measures being put into place and elevates the protection of all team members and visitors.

For more information about our Expeditious innovations and how they can enhance your business protection, please visit our Technology page.