As of Thursday 5th November 2020, thousands of premises and buildings are being closed for the latest UK national lockdown, in a fight against COVID-19. It can be tempting to lock-up and leave a building, with the impression a locked door is enough to keep it safe from risk. However, it is estimated millions of pounds worth of avoidable damage and criminal activity is done to void properties every month.

Unfortunately, buildings cannot just be locked up and left. The longer they are empty, the more vulnerable they are to vandalism, theft, and damage, particularly in the times of rising unemployment, and political disruption we are currently facing.  A proper turndown process is needed to ensure optimal business protection throughout these volatile and uncertain circumstances, reducing the risk of costly repairs.

Void property turndown checklist

  • Ensure intruder alarms are working and connected to response services
  • Ensure fire alarms are working and connected to emergency services
  • Check all doors and windows are locked and secure
  • Switch off utility supplies
  • Remove post from behind the door and waste from the bins reducing the risk of fire and pests
  • Deploy pest control devices
  • CCTV cameras pointed to entry points and high-risk areas, with working video recall and monitoring
  • Audit the exterior of the premises for vandalism or damage. Use this as a guide to monitor criminal activity
  • Audit the interior of the premises for damage and areas which may need repair before reopening. Use this as a guide to monitor deterioration
  • Arrange a void property inspection at the beginning of the closure and before reopening. This will ensure your building is secure and safe to reopen. These inspections reinforce insurance policies
  • Deploy a regular schedule for building checks to ensure changes or deterioration
  • Bins and other movable objects removed or secured from the external areas to deter criminal access
  • Obstructive objects moved from in front of entry points
  • Blinds closed and valuable objects removed from view
  • Trees and bushes cut back for clear views out of windows and ensure not blocking vision from CCTV

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