Attracting Gen-Z into security.

Gen-Z (aka Zoomers) are people born between 1997 and 2012, and they make up roughly 19% of the UK population. With the oldest of this age bracket turning 24 this year, they are rapidly rising through the ranks of being the next generation of workers and fledgeling managers. At Expeditious Services, we estimate 10% of our workforce is part of Gen-Z, with this increasing every month.

More than any other generation before, Gen-Z have core values they wish to live by, with expectations of the workplace and the impact that work is having on the community. Employees are looking to work for companies whose values align with their own – strong leanings toward equality, diversity, environmental impact, work-life balance, career progression and social development goals to name a few. They’re also savvy in seeing past the corporate-speak, seeking evidence for deeds in action, not words on a website. Less fancy coffee and pool tables, more positive impact.

Security has a reputation for long unsociable hours, often lone-working, nightshifts, on low hourly-rates and little fulfilment. And so, we’ve found ourselves asking:

What can be done to attract the next generation of talent and workforce into the security industry?

And how do we change its perception to be a reputable and respectable career path, not just a stopgap in employment?

Expeditious live by 5 core values; Keep Well, Be You, Think Freely, Be Kind, Excellence Always. Values we all passionately align within and out of the office, trickling down into how we recruitment and entice people from outside of the sector and into the world of security. These are just some of the efforts we’re making:

  • Desirable employee benefits – finance management support, health and wellbeing discounts, vehicle and life insurance discounts, leisure discounts, all made available through our payslip portal.
  • Focus on health and wellbeing – monthly initiatives, step count in our Eximitas workforce management portal, free eye tests, mental health support, open supportive culture, prioritising of healthcare appointments and time off granted with no questions asked.
  • Flexible shifts – where possible working around the responsibilities and commitments outside of work – e.g., childcare, giving people accountability of their own time and work/life balance
  • Diversity & equality – encouraging women into the industry at all levels – 85% of the head office team and 10% of guarding force are women (above industry average), as well as creating safe spaces for those from minority backgrounds.
  • Career progression – opportunities with leadership development programmes, apprenticeships, mentorship programmes, qualifications, and training to thrive in role and career.
  • Paying a Living Wage – as members of the Living Wage Foundation, we are not just committing to paying our team the Living Wage, but also for our supply chain to also pay this rate by 2023.
  • Collaborative environmental efforts – Working with FM partners and clients on a collaborative quest to reach zero carbon emissions.
  • Employing locally – we’ve found this has a fantastic impact on our employees work/life balance, on their health not having to commute long hours, as well as local economies and the environment.
  • Reward and recognition programmes – helping team members be seen, heard, recognised, and valued for their work.
  • Supporting the UN SDGs – progressing to meet by 2030 with our own efforts and working with clients and suppliers on supporting their own strategies.
  • Charity work and community – Giving back to our local community and communities near clients with charitable donations of fundraising, resources and working hours. We also commit to environmental efforts such as river clean-ups and litter picking.

“Protecting the future”  is our business tagline, and it extends to protecting the future generations of workers and the security industry. For more information about working in security and joining the Expeditious Services team, please visit our Recruitment & Careers Page.

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