In December 2020, we were approached by a previous client to provide manned guarding for the opening of the new vaccine centres in Kent, and on-going guarding with additional duties whilst these sites remained operational. Expeditious Services were at the top of the client’s list to provide the security due to a long-term and close working relationship, with successful high-quality results delivered across several previous projects.

Fast facts.

Number of locations: 4

Number of weekly hours: 900

Number of officers: 16

Scope of services.

Manned guarding

Healthcare staff ID checks

Vaccine booking checks

Integrity officer site visits

AI building

Our client’s challenges.

Our client came to us requiring day and night cover, of high risk, high profile vaccine sites and a hospital in Kent. Each site needed to keep its vaccine stocks secure. Also, each site needed to effectively manage the additional challenges of maintaining social distancing, COVID safety measures and potential activism/anti-social behaviour, as seen at other vaccine sites across the country. Duties were required to be delivered in 3 different parts of the site – entrance, exit and patrolling the area. As well as guarding the vaccines and the sites, assignment instructions included checking booked appointments, checking authorised ID badges, helping members of the public where possible, keeping vigilant for suspicious packages, all whilst representing the healthcare provider brand.

Our action plan.

Based on the client’s requirements, Expeditious put into place:

  • Manned guarding 24/7/365 – 3 officers throughout the day on 12 hours shifts, and 1 officer at night. These officers would work on rotation in the defined positions, based on the assignment instructions:
    • Main entrance duty – this role was based outside the entrance and consisted of checking booked appointments and healthcare staff ID cards. The main responsibility was to look for any antisocial behaviour or anything suspicious in front of the main door.
    • Exit door duty – this role consisted of ensuring that people are only using this door to exit, maintaining the one-way system for social distancing, and ensuring no unauthorised personnel enter.
    • Patrolling the area: this role consisted of patrolling in and outside of the vaccine site area, keeping an eye for any suspicious antisocial behaviour and to help patients when needed. This role will be used to relieve the other officers if required.
  • All security officers responsible for keeping the vaccine stock safe
  • All security officers were provided with internal personal radio for contact with healthcare staff and Kent Police/District Council personal radio. This created a direct line of communication with local enforcement officers, giving Kent Police early warning of any incidents and immediate escalation.
  • All officers deployed were confident in radio communication, with excellent English language skills to command clearly and professionally at all times
  • All officers deployed had excellent customer service skills for addressing and managing the public whilst representing the healthcare provider brand.
  • Project management from CCHD to manage hours, rosters and put guards into place
  • All officers went through site-specific inductions prior to placement
  • All guarding team provided with facemasks and hand sanitiser gel to keep safe whilst on duty (provided by the healthcare team) as well as wet weather uniform to be worn at all times.

What we achieved.

As a team, Expeditious achieved:

  • Rapid response to mobilise the contract – officers were confirmed within 1 hour of contract notification
  • Client increased number of sites to be covered following positive feedback
  • Services mobilised at 3 high-profile, high-risk vaccine sites and 1 hospital in Kent
  • Project management through CCHD to balance rosters and hours to guarantee optimal cover, as well as transparent communication between officers and client to ensure the quality of service delivery
  • Resilience & flexibility to adapt to changing requirements
  • Creation of a regular team for each site for improved consistency of service, supported by site-specific inductions

Expeditious’ excellent response to the demand and assignment instructions has put them first in line for additional work as more vaccine sites are opened across the area.