The benefits of insourcing vs outsourcing have long been debated in business services. As a security services provider, Expeditious is flipping the script on the traditional outsourcing industry model. We believe outsourcing is outdated and we have a better way to approach the protection of your business.

The problems with outsourcing

Outsourcing may have become the norm for businesses needing security, but it doesn’t come without problems, here’s why:

1. Quality control

Despite doing comprehensive due diligence, you cannot guarantee who will be responsible for the protection of your business when outsourcing. We see all too often, businesses outsourcing to companies, led by perceived cost savings. Lower cost services, mean poorly paid and poorly engaged officers, who may not have the most appropriate training for the role and who won’t understand the scope of your business.

2. Cost

Lower service rates when decision-making might seem inviting, but at what cost in the future? Commonly, outsourcing means lower quality teams, leading to costly mistakes and costlier damages to your reputation. The perceived savings on worker costs often mean being tied into inflexible contracts, paying for services not actually needed, or expensive “middleman” management fees.

3. Contract flexibility

Working with an outsource service provider can restrict resources going to where businesses actually require support. Rigid contracts or long lead times before contract renewal can leave companies trapped, with needs not being met, or services not being needed as business changes.

4. Trust

Trust in any working environment is paramount. Placing trust in outsourcing can be extremely risky, leaving your business vulnerable if anything goes wrong. It can decrease client and public trust in your organisation as it creates barriers to transparency and presents communication hurdles.

The benefits of insourcing

A survey of local authorities has proven insourcing to be a growing trend amongst organisations. Over 73% reported they were in the process of insourcing a service, whilst 43% had already made the move.

Insourcing is more than a trendy buzz word or fad business model, it’s an investment in your business’s future. Here’s why it’s something to consider:

1. Control over your team

Being responsible for hiring your own team means you can hire the best talent perfectly matched to the skills for the job and you can offer additional training specific to the needs of the role. Better hiring and training not only improves the quality of your service but the engagement of the team; resulting in longevity in a workforce of people who understand and believe in your business, rather than transient bodies.

2. Paying for value

Resistance to insourcing is often cost-related, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Hiring and managing your own team guarantees you’re in control of paying for value, instead of restrictive unsuitable services and with expensive middleman fees. The money spent on insourcing is fully invested in the quality of service you need.

3. Adaptability

Insourcing opens up the opportunity to change your security requirements as your business needs change. It also allows you to hire and train specifically to the skill sets and levels you need, instead of what can be offered in an outsourced contract. With greater flexibility comes greater control over how your most important assets are protected.

4. Resilience

As insourcing puts you completely in control of your security team, it reduces your risk of vulnerability if something were to go wrong. It reinforces your resilience and prevents you from the jeopardy of a third party and their own reputation.

The myths of insourcing & how Expeditious bust them

Many consider insourcing to be something their own business could never achieve and outsourcing is their only option. Here are a few myths we want to debunk.

  1. It’s too expensive
  2. It’s time-consuming
  3. It’s a hassle to manage

Working with Expeditious, we can save you time and money on your current outsourcing contract.

Our Transitional Security Services involve our team of security experts putting all of the processes and systems in place you need to make insourcing a success, fully recruiting and training any team members you need, and covering ad-hoc reactive needs from our own pool of officers. We’ll then hand-over the running of your security provision back to you, under our guidance, and with our Service Excellence team ensuring excellence every step of the way.

Outsourcing your security puts it out of sight, out of mind and out of your control. Insourcing empowers you with complete control over your business security and delivers the level of service you deserve to protect your future.

For more information about how we do things, visit our Transitional Security Services page. If you would like to speak to our sales team, please fill in our contact us form.