What is a hybrid security model?

Hybrid security is a compromise between insourcing and outsourcing, becoming more popular as businesses open up to breaking away from traditional models. A business will transition parts of its security provision in-house whilst still receiving backup support from an external security provider or security consultant. You get better results, lower risks, and a reduction in costs, all whilst keeping your provisions under one roof.

How does it work? 

We deal with the contract management of bringing your security provisions in-house, then hand it over for you to manage with our support in the areas you need it most. This support could cover various key aspects such as resilience, security subject matter expertise, HR, recruitment, or any other factor of a security contract. We take care of as much or as little as suits your business.

What kind of businesses is hybrid security best for?

A blended approach is best for companies who are keen to self-deliver a contract but require some support in certain areas, whether that’s due to extensive needs in these areas or a lack of expertise to manage them effectively.

Hybrid security can be a great alternative to manage the risks associated with insourcing and maintain the control that’s lost when outsourcing. Though this can come with extra costs, it brings the most success for some when managed correctly.

What are the pros and cons of hybrid security?


  • More control over teams than outsourcing
  • Greater flexibility over services and assignment instructions
  • Infrastructure support
  • Subject Matter Expert support
  • Recruitment support
  • Resilience support


  • Most beneficial for larger security team for economies of scale
  • The level of support must be clearly defined for the best outcome.
  • Can be more costly than insourcing due to the management costs

Why is it needed?

Hybrid security helps balance the main disadvantages of insourcing and outsourcing contracts. Outsourcing results in you having no control over the staff protecting your site, which can become problematic. Hybrid security puts this control back in your hands. Insourcing can be daunting with the entire security provision put on your shoulders; the hybrid model gives you a helping hand and is made to reduce this pressure.

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