Working with security officers observing Ramadan.

Every year different religions observe periods of fast, such as Ramadan and Lent. During these times, it is important for any employers to maintain a good relationship with their team and keep their wellbeing a priority. This is particularly important in industries with typically high population of workers from a specific community, such as security has a higher demographic within the Muslim community.

As the dates are not set each year, it is critical for HR and Operational teams collaboratively keep track of the festivals and plan for seamless cover, aiming for optimal wellbeing across the workforce.

Religious fast dates for your diary:

Year Ramadan Lent
2021 12th April – 12th May 17th February – 1st April
2022 2nd April – 1st May 2nd March – 14th April
2023 22nd March – 20th April 22nd February – 6th April
2024 10th March – 8th April 14th February – 26th April


How Expeditious Services look after security officers during religious fasts:

  • Fatigue management

As the officers could be working long hours without any food or water, we take extra care to check in with them, monitoring their wellbeing through integrity calls from our CCHD team. You can read more about how we handle fatigue management here.

  • Flexible scheduling

Our scheduling team work to be as flexible as possible to cater to different employees’ requests and preferences. For example, many who observe Ramadan request to cover night shifts during this time, so their fasting time can be spent sleeping or resting. Using our Eximitas workforce management system, we can accurately and efficiently monitor specific requests to ensure scheduling success.

  • Annual leave

Where possible, we encourage security officers to make use of any annual leave to help support their work during Ramadan.

  • Advanced planning

We have strong relationships with our guarding teams, which really helps when advance planning shifts, arranging appropriate cover, and collaborating with clients on ensuring resilient guarding throughout Ramadan.

  • On-site amenities

When officers are on-shift and the time arrives for them to be able to eat, it is important for their wellbeing to ensure they can eat a hot meal or hot drink. To support this, we check welfare amenities on all sites, and place kettles and microwaves where necessary.

  • Extra resilience

Sometimes, officers can cancel shifts last minute due to fatigue. We work collaboratively with our clients to build reliable bench teams to prove extra resilience when needed.

More guidance on how to have a #SafeRamadan can be found on ‘The Muslim Council for Britain’s’ website, which additional resources for Lent can be found on The Catholic Church website.