How Expeditious services look after their clients.

Looking after outsourced security clients throughout the beginning of a new contract is crucial to contract success. Our resilient model reinforces strength, organisation and positive delivery from day 1 of takeover. This 10-step client roadmap ensures optimum success throughout the transition of your security provision, helping us to provide excellence and give you the reassurance you deserve.


We take extra attention in understanding the specifics such as geographic challenges, sector, company history, COVID-19 impacts, logistics, company culture, previous incidents, as well as service expectations, such as exit KPI’s.

2) Contracts

Requirements to ensure we have complete transparency and trust in our ongoing working relationship. This ensures everyone is fully informed, and we are on the same page from the very start, beginning with the best foot forward in achieving contract success.

3) Account Management

As part of the Account Management stage, we provide a clearly defined plan, with goals within the provision of our service expectations. These outlines account specifics, KPIs as well as all plans for successful mobilisation. This mobilisation plan includes weekly chats with the Customer Success Coordinator (CSC) and regular conversations with our Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD) operators. Additionally, you would have quarterly meetings with the Service Excellence Director and annual meetings with the Executive team and CEO. Typically account management is dealt with on a 9-5 basis through one person, however, CCHD allows us to provide 24/7/365 support with an entire team.

4)Security and Legislation

We’re not just exceptional at what we do, we are fully compliant with industry standards, guaranteeing quality and safety. Our accreditations include SIA ACS, SafeContractor (health & safety), NASDU (canine security), ConstructionLine Silver & Gold (construction industry approved) and the Living Wage Foundation. In addition to these, we have many International Organization for Standards (ISOs) and British Standard accreditations.

More information about our accreditations can be found HERE

5) Selection and Deployment

During this stage, we outline how our security team support your services and mobilisation, and how we deploy our suitably qualified and experienced officers. We also consider the process of accessing and managing bench officers.

6) Induction and Training

We work with you to ensure the training and induction delivered to the security team and relief staff is specific to requirements and are appropriate for the job. This includes auditing any training currently delivered internally or externally and implementing our Expeditious Annual Training & Testing (EATT), which is our internal training program. To keep track of training for compliance, we monitor licenses and other security qualifications and renewal dates using our Eximitas app, which also helps allocate shifts to appropriately trained officers. Additional “top-up” training is provided through toolbox talks, delivered by CCHD whilst officers are on shift, keeping teams up-to-date on legislation and engaged in their work.

7) Health and Safety

Based on your needs and sector, we ensure all health and safety requirements are met and adhered to. This includes licenses, relevant training, and personal protective equipment. We also look at how these are managed, i.e., when training runs out and assessments are due for renewal. Along with this, our internal Health and Safety/ Quality Assurance team support regular checks on-site, following guidance according to our ISO in Health & Safety Management and SafeContractor accreditation.

8) Management Information

The wealth of knowledge and data which can be pulled from CCHD is impressive. We use management information to drive operational efficiencies, technological innovation and risk prediction. CCHD and Eximitas collate industry data and trends, allowing extensive reporting, supporting better decision making. Predicting incidents before they occur helps businesses to save costs that are a result of crime such as damage to property or theft.

9) Productivity and Quality

Following activation, we monitor your KPIs are being met and our service offers value for money. Clients have monthly meetings with our Service Excellence Director to track this and report on results. In addition, CCHD communicate daily with officers to check KPI’s and SLA’s are being followed, tracking overall officer performance.

10) Financial

Money is an often-taboo issue in business; however, we believe in complete transparency. By understanding your financial position and constraints, we can be sure we are delivering cost-effective and high-performing services. In many cases monitoring financials helps us to achieve cost reductions through efficient project management and deploying the most effective services.

How does our roadmap benefit clients?

  • Personalised support
  • Smooth onboarding
  • Reassurance
  • Swift resolution of teething problems
  • Long term client relationships
  • operational efficiencies
  • Innovation
  • Cost-savings
  • Improved interaction


As a whole, our client roadmap separates us from the security industry norms as the combination of our technology, team and this resilient model allows us to continuously deliver exceptional results. Taking the time to understand clients and build relationships assists us in meeting targets, in support of this, our services are constantly being praised in customer surveys.

If you’re reviewing your security services, then our sales team would love to hear from you. You can speak to our sales team HERE.

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