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The outsourced security model is the traditional, tried-and-tested method of delivering security. Outsourcing your complete provision to a Security Service Provider (SSP), gives you peace of mind that the protection of your business is in secure hands. Our outsourced security services free up your time to focus on what you do best, knowing that your security needs are being met resiliently and compliantly, fully controlled by our unique contract management model.

Why should you outsource your security contract?

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Whilst outsourcing can be the more expensive option upfront, we aim to build long-term cost savings and added value into the full contract term.

Using our own portfolio of developed apps and technology, you are empowered with extra tools and a wealth of data, giving you more value for your money. Over the duration of your contract, we will also use opportunities for innovation to drive cost efficiencies, without compromising on quality.

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If you don’t have security knowledge or appropriate infrastructure within your team to deliver your security, handing over to professionals might be the best option.

Working with Expeditious Services' Subject Matter Experts, you’ll benefit from the many years in industry we’ve collectively gained, as well as our full-service portfolio. No matter what your security needs are, you know you’ll be in the best hands to deliver results. .

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Outsourcing your security gives you access to our pool of relief officers, ready to be deployed across the UK. This ‘available to resource’ workforce gives you the resilience you need when incidents happen, and you need extra manpower.

This gives you a bench team to cover any sickness, holidays, or other absences, maintaining resilience at all times.

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24/7/365 SUPPORT

A key difference between Expeditious Services and other service providers is our Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD).

It is a BS7499 accredited, 24/7/365 manned control room. It leads all security operations, customer service and contract management in one place, giving you a singular point of call for any security needs, day or night.

Seamlessly transitioning your outsourced security contract.

Our outsourcing transitional model has been deployed across many multi-site UK companies to great success. Making the transition – from your incumbent to Expeditious Service – seamless is our four-stage process, taking you from initial contract decision to ongoing contract support.

1) Initiation:

  • Before the in-house contract begins, we help you give notice to your incumbent supplier.
  • A mobilisation team is assembled
  • Best-fit service provision confirmed

2) Mobilisation:

  • Application forms for current officers to reapply for roles
  • Recruitment for any labour gaps and screening & vetting
  • Compliance, training, and assignment instructions written to begin the handover.

3) Contract activation:

  • All staff issued new systems, PINs and rotas.
  • Back of house systems and infrastructure implemented
  • Relief team created

4) Ongoing support:

  • Success and KPI monitoring
  • Regular monthly contact for assistance and trouble-shooting
  • On-going employee welfare support

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