Are you overpaying for your security services?

Expeditious Services offer a range of security services across the UK. From Inverness to Isle of Wight we provide keyholding, mobile security vehicles, manned guarding, canine security and more. A big difference in how we operate is leading with a “consultative-first” approach during the sales process. We’ve found this builds more trusting relationships with clients, tailoring the services to their exact needs, instead of pushing products and packages on them which they don’t need.

Many security companies offer similar services and packages, it’s how they’re offered which makes a difference; “It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it”. We don’t offer off the shelf or one-size fits all packages. Our sales team work hard to get to the root of our client’s problems, consultatively matching them with the best service to solve their problems and saving them money.

5 signs you’re overpaying for your security services.

  • Paying for services you don’t use.

Often security companies sell packages or off the shelf products with limited flexibility in what they offer. This leaves many companies paying for products they don’t actually need or want. Best fit security services should exactly match what you need when you need it.

  • Long-term manned guarding contracts.

Manned guarding has its time and place in some circumstances. But in many, it has become the default service to sell to a client, instead of considering the most at-risk times, what officers are needed for, and if a combination of guarding and CCTV or other technology could be more cost-effective.

  • Site surveys not reviewed.

Site surveys allow for both the service user and service provider to establish what security is needed on a site, what risks there are and how they are best to be solved. These surveys should be completed regularly to ensure the best fit options are being offered throughout the contract term, especially as business needs and risk can fluctuate. If site surveys are not conducted often enough, the client is at risk of either paying for services they do not need, or the services not offering appropriate protection.

  • Technology and innovation not reviewed.

Technological innovation can bring impactful benefits to a security strategy and a client’s profits. Security service providers should be regularly auditing services, striving for efficiencies through innovation for added resilience and long-term cost-savings.

  • Not feeling like you’re getting value for money.

The cost of your services should be reflected in the quality of the services you’re receiving. If you’re regularly finding problems with officers, training, management, communication or any other contract problems, then you may not be getting value for your money.

If you’d like to know more about how a consultative approach can improve your security services, get in contact with our sales team today,

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