Expeditious Security Services

Large scale events or emergency situations require a central communications and control unit for prominent security presence and headquarters. Our Mobile Command Units (MCUs) integrate our expert security services with the latest in technology to deliver reliable transportable control units, deployed to anywhere in the UK.

These security vans act as a safe mobile office and secure central operational base during critical incidents requiring a tactical response in major challenging circumstances.

No matter the operational requirements, our mobile command units ensure optimum control, cooperation and coordination throughout, whilst creating a central hub for communication work. Our state-of-the-art pieces of equipment are fundamental to any organisation or authorities looking to handle an incident in an effective and organised presence.

The technology, space, and functionality of our mobile control units lends themselves to being ideal for activities such as:

  • Management of all operations within a central control point, creating a mobile headquarters
  • An impressive authority presence at a critical time
  • Radio communications transmission between hub, operatives on site and senior managerial leaders
  • Transportation of command materials and operational teams

All mobile command units are fully equipped with air conditioning, radio, telephone lines, fax, a heli-teli link, full ITS equipment, and an internal UHF radio system for exclusive use on-site; separated into clear sections for communications and command operations. On deployment, they are always accompanied with a fully-tested fire appliance.

In addition, most of vehicles include:

  • Command Conference Room for joint coordination with multiple tactical teams
  • 4 workstations with desktop computers
  • Awning for additional work space
  • Exterior wall-mounted touch-screen for briefings
  • 2000 watt mast-mounted scene lights
  • Sherpa pole climbing camera delivery system for wireless cameras
  • Optical mast-mounted infra-red camera, plus 8 fixed point cameras
  • Playback facilities to view footage from remote deployable static cameras, body cameras, unmanned aerial systems and police helicopters.
  • Communications networks compatible with the Emergency Services Network for seamless operation coordination and collaboration.
  • Powerful 7kw generator powering all on-board systems with 240 volt mans shoreline