Reviewing your security services –how to increase income and resilience without compromising on risk or quality.

When reviewing your security services, a question likely to be on your mind is “how can I save money, without compromising on risk and safety?”. Whenever decision-makers are looking at where to reduce expenses, security is often the first place to look. However, shaving costs without careful consideration of balancing risks and repercussions can leave a business vulnerable and open to costly damages or mistakes.

As a security services provider, we work consultatively to help our clients find the best options for their business, budget, and security needs. On average, we support our clients to make long-term savings of up to 60% on their security spend, and in many cases increasing their resilience at the same time.

How? These are our top 5 tips for reducing security spend to increase income without compromising on risk or quality:

  • Threat risk assessments.

When conducting a threat risk assessment on a site, we commonly find security measures in place completely inappropriate to a threat level. Such as manned guards on a patrol 24/7/365, when the main risk times are out of hours. Like in many scenarios – in and out of business protection – more doesn’t always mean better. Bringing in a professional to give an honest opinion of what security measures are needed and when can immediately cut down on overspend.

  • Prevention is better than cure.

Manned security is often used as the first line of defence when really it should be the last. When reviewing what measures can be put into place to deter and prevent incidents from taking place all-together, reducing the need for patrols or other labour costs.

  • Predictive crime tools.

Data is a security strategy’s best friend and predictive crime is a rapidly rising trend. Why wait for something to happen before reacting to it, when you can be proactive and mitigate risk completely. Using our own predictive community protection app, INTEX247, we have been able to react ahead of situations and diffuse them before an incident. It reviews trends in crime in local areas, responding to changes effectively and proactively saving.

  • Technology.

A team of highly trained security labour is a fantastic asset to any business, but it can be a significant investment too. Today there are many forms of technology and software to support security strategies, the best offering both software and real-human support in real-time, such as our workforce management platform, EXIMITAS with our account managers in CCHD sat behind it. If you’re looking to reduce your costs, lean into some of the amazing capabilities on offer, streamline efforts and reduce the amount of labour you need.

  • Blended security model.

Instead of fully outsourcing or insourcing your security (which can each have their own risks), there is another option. Expeditious Services are pioneering a blended model of security service; putting the control of your security services back into your hands, but with our support and infrastructure to guide. In Jan 2021 we placed this efficient and resilient model into all UK sites of an F&B manufacturer, immediately increasing quality and consistency in delivery, without the overheads of fully outsourced.

If you’re reviewing your security services, approach with flexibility, innovation, and creativity to uncover the best fit services to protect your business. Or you can speak to our sales team HERE.