There are several different security models created to meet different objectives. Whilst all are relevant and work well in differing circumstances, they each have their time and place for best use and most effective results. Outsourced security is the most common model however, it may not always be appropriate to some projects and sites. Hybrid security and insourced security are growing in popularity, certainly following COVID, we’re seeing more businesses are open to breaking away from the traditional model and trying something new.

What is outsourced security?

The outsourced security model transitions an entire security provision to an external provider, with all elements of a security contract looked after by them. This includes recruitment, HR, training, payroll, project management, service delivery, compliance, due diligence, subject matter expertise and more. The business would hire the service provider to fulfil their complete security needs from their own portfolio of services and pool of security officers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourced security?


  • Delivers resilient infrastructure providing bench team and ad-hoc support
  • Level of security skill improved by using an appropriately accredited provider
  • Accreditations and qualifications improve standards and give peace of mind
  • Offers greater flexibility in the services available for a client to use
  • Security provider may have a control room or 24/7 team for out-of-hours needs


  • Lack of control over teams and their standards
  • Lack of control over compliance, sub-contracting, and labour risks E.g., modern slavery
  • Often difficult to change assignment instructions if needed
  • Lack of consistency with changing providers
  • Can cost more than other options

What is insourced security?

The insourced security model sees a business taking complete control of their security provision, looking after their own security strategy and teams, bringing everything in-house. The business may or may not have support in delivering this model from a security consultancy or security services provider.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of insourced security?


  • Greater control over teams
  • Greater control over standards of service
  • Dedicated workforce who understand company values and goals
  • Greater flexibility in changing assignment instructions if needed
  • Can cost less than other options


  • A resilient infrastructure might not be in place to fulfil this effectively
  • Might not have skills or security industry knowledge to deliver the contract
  • No control room or 24/7 scheduling team for managing rapidly changing rosters
  • No bench team or additional manpower available when up-manning is needed
  • Will need to engage with an external provider if wanting to expand security services being deployed e.g., CCTV.

What is hybrid security?

The hybrid security model, also known as the blended security model, is a compromise between outsourcing and insourcing. A business will bring parts of their own security provision in-house, whilst still receiving backup support from an external security provider or security consultant. This support could be resilience, security subject matter expertise, HR, recruitment, or any other facet of the security contract.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of hybrid security?


  • Greater control over teams
  • Greater flexibility over services and assignment instructions
  • Infrastructure support
  • Subject Matter Expert support
  • Recruitment support
  • Resilience support


  • Can be more costly than insourcing due to the management costs
  • Is most effective with a larger security team for economies of scale
  • The level of support has to be clearly defined for the best outcome.

Whilst outsourcing is the most common and traditional model for providing security, it is not always the best suited to a business or their security needs. We work consultatively with our clients to develop the best-suited model for them. Where previously, outsourcing would often be the only model considered and not achieving desired results. Today, we’re seeing many businesses are open to exploring alternative options, bringing their security into greater alignment with their own service standards and budget expectations.

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