What is manned guarding?

Manned Guarding is what most people think of when security comes to mind, Security Officers being put in place to manage risk. Manned guarding is used as a strong deterrent in all kinds of scenarios; our work ranges from guarding decommissioned sites to protecting businesses during high-profile protests. Our manned guarding division encompasses all types of officers and duties, bringing a wide range of front-line provisions.

How Expeditious Services deliver manned guarding

Our manned guarding is defined by our resilience, which is formed by our national infrastructure, regional teams, and local knowledge, spread across the UK from Inverness to the Isle Of Wight. Our successful management of manned guarding involves:

  • Technology and Innovation
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Wellbeing

Technology and Innovation

Critical Control Helpdesk (CCHD) 

CCHD is the beating heart of Expeditious, it’s our BS7949 control room, containing our Client Management and 24-hour Scheduling team, the epicentre for all Expeditious Services operations. Here are some of CCHD’s duties that benefit our manned guarding delivery.

  • 27/7/365 support to resolve issues rapidly


Eximitas is our in-house built, workforce management and wellbeing software. CCHD manage this behind the scenes to efficiently manage all aspects of your workforce. Here are some of the ways Eximitas benefits the quality of our manned guarding.

  • Confirms that assignments instructions are being met
  • Shift information ensures officers are punctual and committed
  • Improves overall engagement from officers and therefore our service quality
  • Welfare features keep officers healthy, helping them provide the best work.


We enhance our manpower using our Expeditious Annual Training and Testing (EATT). This is our yearly internal training program taken by all officers, covering health & safety, environmental procedures, and customer care, keeping our officers fully knowledgeable and compliant. This training is displayed in the competency of our officers and sets us apart in terms of manned guarding.

As well as our structured, annual training, we carry out spot-checks during unplanned site visits and short yet effective toolbox talks during shifts. These make sure officers stay knowledgeable and confident in their roles by refreshing their skills, avoiding any unnecessary incidents in their daily roles.


We’re known for our refreshingly “human” approach to recruitment. We take extra care to understand the needs of both candidates and clients, striving to consistently make the perfect matches for your workforce. Our teams are high quality and engaged from the beginning, here are some reasons why:

  • Screening & vetting accredited to BS7858
  • We offer secure, stable, long-term employment
  • We’re Completely transparent from day 1
  • Employee surveys allow officers to express feedback
  • Prize draws for completing our employee surveys

Employee wellbeing

At Expeditious, we have a huge focus on employee wellbeing and use our values and wellbeing benefits to better our teams. Our benefits are available after an officer’s first payslip. These include a fitness and wellbeing app, 24/7 counselling, GP access, free eye tests, discounts, prize draws and much more.

Living by our values of Be You, Keep Well, Be Kind, Think Freely, and Excellence Always uplifts our workforce in countless ways. Some benefits include better physical ability and a greater thirst for growth. As a result, the quality of our work is improved, giving you lower costs, better resilience, and a more trustworthy service.

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