Expeditious Transitional Security

In just 90 days, our Expeditious ‘Available to Resource’ insourcing model promises to transform your security requirements, empowering you to take control.

‘Available to resource’ (A2R) is our pioneering industry-first process giving you the transparency, resilience and stability you deserve. It eliminates the risk of putting all of your reliance on your choice of provider, and the disruption of changing if something were to go wrong. It gives you the control to manage your reputation, tailor to your exact requirements and the freedom to implement changes without a third party involved. At the end of our 90 day on-boarding program, you will have complete autonomy over the protection of your most valuable assets.

Benefits of 90 day A2R model:

The benefits of bringing your security needs in-house implementing our 90 day A2R model are extensive:

  • Control and responsibility taking care of your own expert team
  • Transparency in service delivery, costs and standards
  • Eliminates risk of contract issues arising from outsourcing
  • Flexibility of services specific to your requirements now and in the future
  • Improving social enterprise by employing in your local area
  • No expensive overheads or time investments associated with new contract tenders
  • Safeguard your reputation with no risk of poor service from an external provider
  • Improved customer experience
  • Better engaged workforce fostering a stable working culture and improved training

The 90 day transition moving your out-sourced security services in-house is our specialist, tried and tested model. With a strategic and considered approach, we structure, mobilise and deploy your team, with our support guiding you every step of the way throughout the duration and into the future. This is done in 4 clear phases, working in partnership with you to ensure each and every aspect of the process is successfully fulfilled inline with industry legislation and both you and your workforce are satisfied; each needing the other for a truly Expeditious working relationship and optimal results.

4 stages of 90 day A2R model:

Stage 1: Initiation

Initially, we work with you in delivering the notice to your incumbent contract, to outline a clear timeline for actions to be taken, as well as confirming your provisions and assemble your core project team.

Stage 2: Mobilisation

The second stage involves adverts being placed for staff and building your new team from current staff, new staff and gaps filled with our pool of contacts. Training and familiarisation with your project begins.

Stage 3: Activation

With your team in place, we start putting into place all of the back of house systems, loading employees into payroll, reviewing all legislation, issuing uniform and role specific equipment. This is where we handover we conduct the handover of your security team back to you.

Stage 4: Afterwards

Once your systems are fully activated, together we’ll set KPIs, contract reviews, welfare benefits, construct learning & development plans and set up all monitoring and reporting tools. You have our on-going support throughout the duration of our working relationship with a dedicated Performance Manager.

Want to know more?

For more information about our 90 day ‘Available to Resource’ model and speak to us about transforming your security provision, please contact us.