Expeditious Transitional Security

Does the thought of managing your own security provisions in-house feel daunting, overwhelming and lot more red-tape than you’d want to take on? All of the hassle and stressful reasons why you decided to out-source in the first place?

With the support and expertise of Expeditious, taking back control of the protection of your most valuable assets isn’t problematic. Our ‘Available to Resource model and 90 day program, together deliver practical problem solving. These not only ensure stability throughout the transition process, but the systems put in place are effective, efficient and economical. We make mobilisation manageable.

What does mobilisation involve?

The mobilisation of all contracts is the core element of our unique Available to Resource (A2R) model. Working with you, we help you recruit, train and put into action your very own in-house team of officers, with all of the expert processes and support you need to take control of your own security requirements now and in the future. As well as your own in-house, you will have access to our pool of ‘bench’ officers ready and available to cover holidays, sickness and any additional ad-hoc requirements.

To uphold standards of excellence at all times to both you and your security workforce, we adopt a 10 step roadmap. Using one for you and one for your team, these act as guidelines to guarantee optimal results, build trust in our working partnership and giving you complete peace-of-mind.

You, our client:

  • Attention to specific details
  • Contracts for trust and transparency
  • Full dedicated account management
  • Sector specific obligations & legislation
  • Officer selection & deployment
  • Specific & relevant induction & training
  • Industry-focused health & safety
  • Clear management information
  • High performing productivity & quality
  • Honest financial viability

Your teams:

  • Clear communication
  • Safe working environment
  • Compliance with worker regulations
  • Clarity in Expeditious working relationship
  • Employee engagement
  • Honesty & respect
  • Remuneration & transparency
  • Rewards & employee benefits
  • Training & development opportunities
  • Consistency & stability

Additional support:

As well as working alongside you implementing our mobilisation process, we also provide you with access to our Critical Control Helpdesk from day 1. CCHD will be your central hub for 24/7/365 ad-hoc support, incident reporting and any other additional needs. It will also act as an information source for you during the initial stages of service change, providing welcome reassurance as our expert call handlers troubleshoot concerns.

This early access allows you and your team to familiarise yourself with this piece of expert technology before formal handover takes please. It gives you understanding all of it’s thorough functionality; such as checking rotas, task sheets, attendance, team costs and staffing locations, supporting confident use and successful activation in the future.