Updates to SIA licensing – license-linked qualifications and top-up training.

Back in October 2020, Security Industry Authority announced upcoming changes to their licenses, launching from April 2021. These changes include the introduction of two training and development areas:

  • ‘license-linked qualifications’
  • door supervisors and security guards to complete Emergency First Aid training before beginning these additional “top-up” qualifications.

What are the aims of the new SIA licenses?

These updates are to increase standardisation of front-line officer roles, providing them with the same entry knowledge and skills, narrowing the gap between the new and previous training as well as introducing some new content. It is also a drive to increase credibility within the sector, understanding the need to uphold standards in private security services, as well as giving officers greater flexibility and confidence in the roles they apply for. SIA are cracking down on license fraud and it’s thought increasing the standard of qualifications required for reissues will support legitimacy.

How do the new SIA license applications work?

Launching in April 2021, license renewals will have to complete the top-up training before re-applying. This will be mandatory from October 2021. New license applications will have to complete the relevant qualifications before applying. These only apply to front line security officers and door supervisors, and not required for keyholding or non-front-line license.

What topics does the top-up training cover?

For security officers, the new license-linked qualification includes:

  • first aid (as a pre-requisite),
  • terror threat and awareness,
  • global or critical incident management
  • knowledge of physical intervention

At Expeditious, we monitor all training and license renewals through our workforce management software, Eximitas. This proactively alerts when an office is due for renewal and prevents an officer with an expired license from being deployed. Our Relationships Director & SME, Gavin McGuinness comments:

“The new SIA licensed linked qualifications have been sorely needed for some time now, this should drive a renewed confidence in the security sector, as well as raising the standards across the industry, it will intrinsically provide added value to the security providers clients. With global threats continuously changing and evolving, so too should the Security sectors skill set. By upskilling, through a mandated process such as the SIA licensed linked qualification scheme, it allows security providers and their personnel the ability to adapt as a clients’ business evolves and grows, and by having the additional skill set of competencies; provides the ability to alter security solutions quicker and according to need, which is a key factor to maintaining a successful and robust security provision.”

For more information about these changes and how they’ll impact your business visit the SIA Government website.

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