What is a Void Property Inspection?

A void or vacant property inspection (VPI) is conducted on an empty property for safety, compliance, and building integrity, ensuring a premise can safely reopen if needed. VPIs also help to reduce the risk of incidents, the likelihood of costly repairs needed in the future, as well as consider the health and safety of people within or near the building throughout the closure.

Expeditious Services VPIs are performed by an SIA accredited security officer to standards SFG30 (Mothballing) & BS8584:2015 (Vacant Property Protection Services). Findings from a VPI are logged and a report sent to the client, with any causes for concern notified for action.

When is a Void Property Inspection needed?

Vacant Property Inspections can be conducted weekly, monthly, or at irregular intervals, as much as is required to ensure the building maintains integrity and safety. When conducted regularly, the presence of a security van and the officer can act as a deterrent of their own.

Often a requirement by insurance companies to comply with their terms and conditions of the policy. It’s best to check with insurance policies to ensure the terms are being met, as some can specify the regularity of inspections.

What do Vacant Property Inspections look for?

  • Forced entry and intrusion
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire and intruder alarm system checks
  • Fire risks
  • Security risks
  • Unauthorised encampments or squatters
  • Water leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Building damage or disrepair e.g. blocked gutters, broken roof tiles
  • Mothballing
  • Water hygiene
  • Fly-tipping
  • Environmental deterioration
  • Meter readings

If required, our officers can also perform an additional building turndown service which would include duties such as cutting off utility supplies and draining down the building to make it secure.

When conducting a VPI, our officers complete a detailed digital report on our Eximitas workforce management software. This creates an accurate and thorough record of all observations, which is sent to a team coordinator for approval before a report is sent to the client. Both the report completed by the officer and that sent to the client can both be tailored to include specific information dependent on requirements.

Eximitas has functionality for photos to be uploaded alongside observations, providing clients with complete clarity, supporting any additional protective action which might need to be taken.

Vacant Property Inspections are a cost-effective way to maintain compliance and resilience, providing a visible deterrent and preventing the premises from deteriorating whilst not in use.

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