Adhoc security is implemented in a short period of time when external factors increase a site’s vulnerability. This is different to a security contract, which continuously manages a business’s risks throughout the agreement. There are numerous reasons to use Adhoc services, and here we’re going through some to give you a better understanding.

Regular reasons for implementing Adhoc security

  1. Damaged barriers/gates

A common problem we assist organisations with is putting a man on the ground to deal with broken fences, barriers, or gates. This will be temporary cover to maintain the resilience of the site whilst repairs can be carried out. Depending on the situation, this can also involve our officers controlling ingress and egress of the site until original systems are restored.

  1. Anti-social behaviour

Another issue we frequently see is anti-social behaviour, either in close quarters of clients or involving the site. Implementing Adhoc security, in this case, can help prevent violence and damage to property by offering a visible deterrent. This issue can very much depend on the location of a business and how open they are to the public. Areas with higher crime rates are most likely to need Adhoc security for this reason.

  1. Unauthorised encampments

This problem of trespassing often occurs on sites that may be decommissioned or not in full-time use. This concern has grown through Covid-19 due to many sites closing completely or re-opening at a reduced capacity. Unauthorised encampments are often accompanied by theft or damage, so these threats must be mitigated effectively. You can find out how to prevent unauthorised encampments in our blog.

  1. Installation of security systems

There are not always additional risks presented; you may simply let your guard down whilst arranging new security systems, calling for temporary manning in the meantime. A frequent example of this is sites bringing in electrical security services such as CCTV or alarm systems, creating efficiencies in the long run. In this scenario, the speed and quality of your electrical security service provider will impact your spend on Adhoc security in the meantime, so choose wisely.

The benefits of Adhoc security

  • Reduces incidents and long term costs
  • Convenient and simple mobilisation
  • Combats temporary vulnerability
  • Can help identify further security needs
  • Great value for money with the right provider

How quick can Adhoc security be mobilised?

This is very dependent on your requirements and location as there must be security officers available to be deployed on the ground. We take pride in the speed and effectiveness of our Adhoc cover, with officers often deployed in less than 2 hours. If your site is in a remote location then this could take some more time, though we have a fantastic track record of providing outstanding service even in such areas.

What do we do differently?

When using Expeditious Services for your Adhoc needs, you get the benefits of our Critical Control Helpdesk. This includes regular communication and project management to ensure that cover is run as smooth as possible, no matter the length of our service.

We also ensure guards go through site-specific inductions before placement to ensure they understand any additional risks and procedures. You can be sure that our teams of officers are highly competent thanks to our Expeditious annual testing and training (EATT) and regular toolbox talks on shifts.

If you require any security services with immediate effect, get in touch and see how we can implement Adhoc security.