What are accreditations?

Accreditations are a set of standards to adhere to, be audited on and awarded a certificated as proof of consistently meeting these standards. Often renewed annually, they signify quality, compliance and the trust a client can place in a service provider.

Some accreditations are also helpful for applying for further qualifications, without having to complete duplicated information. Such as, SafeContractor helps to achieve the ConstructionLine qualifications, as it acknowledges similar information is needed for each, saving time and money during the application process.

What to know about accreditations when choosing a new security supplier?

When opening tender opportunity for new suppliers to bid for your custom, accreditations are an efficient way to aid your decision-making process.  Incorporating proof of relevant accreditations as part of the tender process, helps you to sift through the applications and immediately curate a shortlist of those suitable and qualified to support you.

When looking for a new security provider, it’s good practise to conduct due diligence on their accreditations.

  • Assess which ones you need to check for the work you are requesting.
  • Check they have accreditations to cover these services.
  • Ensure they are in-date and they can provide certificates and logos as proof.
  • For extra reassurance you can check they are on the register for that accreditation.
  • Assess if their real-life practices are reflective of the stated qualifications.

Which accreditations are important for security companies to have?

Which accreditations a security company should have depends on the services they offer. As a bare minimum, they should have been SIA ACS audited, with a score available on request. The services they deliver should also follow British Standards and ISOs to denote quality and best practise.

Which accreditations do Expeditious Services hold?

(correct at the time of writing).

SIA ACS, SafeContractor (health & safety), NASDU (canine security), ConstructionLine Silver & Gold (construction industry approved), Living Wage Foundation, Fusion21 (approved supplier).

ISOs – 22301 (Business Continuity), 50001 (Energy Management), 45001 (Health & Safety Management), 14001 (Environmental Management), 9001 (Quality Management).

British Standards – 10800 (Provision of security services), 7499 (static guarding and mobile patrols), 7984 (keyholding and response), 8507 (close protection), 7858 (security screening), 7958 (CCTV).

More information about our accreditations can be found HERE.

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